Jung Hoyeon Shares Why She Turned to Acting from Modeling

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 18, 2022

Jung Hoyeon Shares Why She Turned to Acting from Modeling
Model-turned-actress Jung Hoyeon shared why she decided to become an actress from being a model. 

On January 17, Jung Hoyeon's interview was revealed on JTBC 'Newsroom'. 

During the interview, Jung Hoyeon shared what led her to become an actress from being a model. 
Jung HoyeonJung Hoyeon answered, "It was out of curiosity and desperation. I take interest in a lot of different areas, and acting was one of them. So, I was curious what it would be like to be an actress." 

The actress continued, "That was also when I was facing difficulties in my modeling job. At that time, I wasn't able to do certain things that I wanted to do as well as those that I had been doing as a model." 

She continued, "I felt like my time in the modeling industry was running out; it was coming to an end. So, I started to feel desperate as to what I should do for a living." 

She went on, "That's how I decided to try acting. My acting career started with pure curiosity and desperation." 
Jung HoyeonThen, Jung Hoyeon talked about her wishes for the future and her debut project Netflix's series 'Squid Game' that got her name out there, not only in Korea but also so many countries around the world. 

Jung Hoyeon stated, "I'm so up for playing any kind of characters, as well as working with directors and crew in countries outside of Korea. I want to try everything. I'll have to work harder in order to make that happen." 

She resumed, "I believe all good things that are happening to me right now is thanks to 'Squid Game'. I would like to once again express my gratitude to my 'Squid Game' family for that. Thank you. I love you!" 
Jung Hoyeon(Credit= 'hoooooyeony' 'netflixkr' Instagram) 

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