WINNER JINU & His Sister Show How Awkward & Distant They Are with Each Other

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 19, 2022

WINNER JINU & His Sister Show How Awkward & Distant They Are with Each Other
JINU of K-pop boy group WINNER and his younger sister Jin-hee revealed to be extremely awkward and distant with one another. 

On January 18 episode of MBC's television show 'DNA Mate', JINU and Jin-hee made a guest appearance. 

On the way to his hometown in Mokpo, JINU said, "My sister is eight years younger than I am. As I don't really speak to her, nor we are close, I was worried about featuring in this show together." 

He continued, "I was concerned that people will say things like, 'They're weird.', 'How are they that awkward and distant? They're family!' and so on." 
JINUAfter meeting Jin-hee in his hometown, they got in a car, and a heavy silence suddenly filled the air as Jin-hee drove. 

Some time later, Jin-hee said, "I read about you completing your mandatory alternative military service through a news article online. Congratulations." 

To this, JINU laughed and commented, "Oh. Thank you.", then they went back to the silent mode.
JINUFollowing a long silence, JINU asked, "You... You work at the... Hospital, right?" 

Jin-hee laughed a little, then answered, "Umm... No, I quit my job at the hospital like two years ago. I went to college after working there for a year." 

JINU awkwardly smiled and said, "You went to college? Oh... You started college a year later than everybody else then?" 

Jin-hee replied, "Yeah, that's right.", and JINU apologized to her, "I'm sorry." 

While the hosts watched this at the studio, they were surprised to witness how little the siblings truly knew each other. 
JINU(Credit= MBC DNA Mate) 

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