Park Shin Hye Expresses Thanks for Warm Wishes on Her Marriage

Jan 24, 2022

Park Shin Hye Expresses Thanks for Warm Wishes on Her Marriage
Actress Park Shin Hye expressed her thanks to everyone who wished the best on her marriage.

On January 22, Park Shin Hye and her boyfriend actor Choi Tae Jun's wedding ceremony was held.

After the wedding, Park Shin Hye took to her Instagram and shared photos of herself in a gorgeous traditional Korean wedding attire.
Park Shin Hye's weddingAlong with the photos, Park Shin Hye wrote, "Thank you to everyone who sent me so much congratulations and blessings."

Fellow celebrities who attended the couple's wedding also shared photos from the day.
Park Shin Hye's weddingPark Shin Hye's weddingActress Lee Sun Bin wrote, "Tae Jun, you better take good care of Shin Hye unnie. I will pray that you two only experience happiness ahead. Why am I always so emotional? I cried today."

Park Shin Hye's 'The Heirs' co-star actor Lee Min Ho made everyone burst into laughter with his witty congratulatory message.

Along with the photos of himself from the wedding, Lee Min Ho wrote, "Do I congratulate you?", parodying his famous line 'Do I like you?" from the drama.
Park Shin Hye's weddingMeanwhile, the newlyweds are expecting their first child soon.

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