Lee Sunbin Says She Ran Away from Home to Become an Actress When She Was a Teenager

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 24, 2022

Lee Sunbin Says She Ran Away from Home to Become an Actress When She Was a Teenager
Actress Lee Sunbin shared that she ran away from home to become an actress when she was a teenager. 

On January 12 episode of TV CHOSUN's television show 'Huh Young Man's Food Travel', Lee Sunbin made a guest appearance. 

While speaking with the host Huh Young Man over a meal, Lee Sunbin talked about her past. 

Lee Sunbin said, "I worked part-time a lot since when I was in middle school. I worked at pork barbecue place, duck barbecue place, and many more." 

She continued, "I worked on weekends and holidays as well, because I got paid double the usual when I worked then."
Lee SunbinLee SunbinThen, Lee Sunbin said that she ran away from home when she was a teenager in order to achieve her dream of becoming an actress.

Lee Sunbin said, "One day, I got the feeling that I would just be stuck here without having to audition for anything at all, so I left my mom a note and took the money that I made from working part-time, then left home." 

She resumed, "I really wanted to audition for something, so I came to Seoul. I slept at my friend's house and also slept at a public sauna. I was like, 'I'm not going back home until I pass an audition.'" 

She went on, "I got lucky in Seoul. I got a part not too long after I arrived here. So, I went back home after that. My parents were amazing, because they didn't tell me off. They welcomed me home as if nothing happened." 

When Huh Young Man said, "Your parents are incredible.", Lee Sunbin commented, "Yeah, I think they simply believed in me." 
Lee Sunbin(Credit= TV CHOSUN Huh Young Man's Food Travel) 

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