HAHA Shows Support for His Wife Byul's 'Idol' Debut

Jan 24, 2022

HAHA Shows Support for His Wife Byul's 'Idol' Debut
Singer HAHA showed love and support for his wife singer Byul as she prepares her second debut.

On January 23, Byul updated her Instagram with photos of a food truck delivered to her filming set.

The food truck was from her husband HAHA, showing his full support for Byul's new activities.
ByulByulIn the banner, HAHA wrote, "Cheering on my Go-eun (Byul's real name), her fellow group members and staff, and all the mothers out there!"

Byul is currently appearing on tvN's 'Mama the Idol', which features veteran singers who left the stage after giving birth to their children returning to the stage.
ByulAlong with the photos, Byul wrote, "Since I've been living on a life of an idol for the past couple of months, I kept feeling sorry for not being able to take proper care of you. Despite all that, my husband keeps finding new ways to move me."

She cutely continued, "But why are those touching moments typically seem to take place in front of many other people? This means that you want me to post them online, right? Got it. Okay."

(Credit= 'sweetstar0001' Instagram)

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