Dance Crew TURNS Shares How Professional CL Is

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 24, 2022

Dance Crew TURNS Shares How Professional CL Is
Dance crew TURNS revealed what it was like working with K-pop artist CL. 

Recently, the members of TURNS sat down for an interview with news outlet Xports News. 

TURNS featured and won first place in Mnet's recently-ended dance survival show 'Street Girls Fighter'. 
TURNSDuring the interview, TURNS members were asked, "Out of all K-pop acts you've worked with, who left the greatest impression on you?" 

Song Hee-soo answered, "We haven't worked with that many K-pop acts yet, but if we had to pick one, it's got to be CL." 

Then, the dancer shared that after working with CL, she got the feeling that CL was a person who had true passion for performing. 

Song Hee-soo stated, "CL paid careful attention to every detail about us; from our outfits to little accessories. It was my first time seeing an artist paying that much attention to dancers." 

She went on, "I think that's why CL show off such a great chemistry with any dancers on stage, and shines like a star when she's on it." 
TURNSAfter that, the members of TURNS shared who they wish to work with in the future if an opportunity arises. 

They said, "We would love to work with Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO. She just seems so awesome."

She has a unique singing voice, and she also has her own style of performances. It seems like she likes taking on new challenges." 
TURNS(Credit= 's0nghs' 'chaelincl' Instagram, Mnet) 

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