Lee Jung Jae Talks About His Childhood When He Lived in Extreme Poverty

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 25, 2022

Lee Jung Jae Talks About His Childhood When He Lived in Extreme Poverty
Actor Lee Jung Jae shared how his family financially struggled hard when he was young. 

Recently, one past episode of SBS' television show 'Healing Camp' caught the attention of many. 

In this episode that was aired in 2013, Lee Jung Jae made a guest appearance and talked about his tough childhood days. 
Lee Jung JaeLee Jung Jae said, "I've lived in extreme poverty after starting elementary school. Before elementary school, we were actually pretty well-off, but things went completely downhill from then." 

He continued, "When I used to go to my friends' birthday parties, I would feel embarrassed because I couldn't buy anything as a gift for them. I felt so ashamed." 

He went on, "I wore really old socks all the time as well, and some of them had holes in them. So, I used to roll up the part that had holes as much as I could so that I could hide them from my friends." 

The actor added that he also used to get beat up by his teachers in middle and high school for not paying tuition fees, which he did not understand why he had to get beaten up for that. 
Lee Jung JaeThen, Lee Jung Jae said the financial struggles at home made him dream of becoming a taxi driver one day. 

Lee Jung Jae stated, "When I was in elementary school, I started dreaming of becoming of a cab driver. At that time, I saw cab drivers working every day, and making money, consistently. I thought that was what we needed." 

He resumed, "I thought it was a job that will allow me to continuously work as well as provide me enough income for me and my family. I still don't dream big; I only have small dreams." 
Lee Jung JaeDuring a recent interview, Lee Jung Jae revealed that he lived in a much smaller home than 'Sung Ki-hun'―his Netflix's hit series 'Squid Game' character's home when he was young. 

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