GOT7 BAMBAM Says Why He Thought YUGYEOM's Phone Got Hacked Recently

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 26, 2022

GOT7 BAMBAM Says Why He Thought YUGYEOM's Phone Got Hacked Recently
BAMBAM of K-pop boy group GOT7 shared a hilarious reason why he thought his fellow member YUGYEOM's phone got hacked recently. 

On January 24 episode of MBC FM4U's radio show 'Kim Shin-young's Music Party', BAMBAM made a guest appearance. 
BAMBAMDuring the talk, the host Kim Shin-young mentioned BAMBAM's latest solo release 'B'. 

BAMBAM said, "The title track 'Slow Mo' was produced by a renowned singer-songwriter Pink Sweat$. 'Slow Mo' was actually made like three years ago." 

He continued, "We wanted 'Slow Mo' to be a GOT7 song, but it got rejected. It's finally being out as my solo song, and it's really exciting." 
BAMBAMThen, BAMBAM mentioned receiving a message from YUGYEOM not so long ago. 

BAMBAM said, "In his message, YUGYEOM said, 'I'm so proud of you for taking on different challenges and trying out new things. It makes me feel so good to see you like that.'" 

The K-pop star went on, "I was really surprised that he said such a thing to me. It was surprising that he said it to me first." 

He laughed and added, "So, I replied to him, 'What is this? Did your phone get hacked?' He messaged me in the middle of the night as well." 

He continued, "But yeah, I felt thankful for that. I did get a lot of people to listen to 'Slow Mo' before the actual release, and they gave me positive feedback." 
BAMBAM(Credit= MBC FM4U Kim Shin-young's Music Party, 'GOT7Official' Twitter) 

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