"JUNGKOOK Impact!" Chipotle Offers 7,000 Free Burrito Bowls to ARMY

Jan 27, 2022

"JUNGKOOK Impact!" Chipotle Offers 7,000 Free Burrito Bowls to ARMY
Following JUNGKOOK's cute 'Chipotle'-to-'Chicotle' mispronunciation, Chipotle has offered 7,000 free burrito bowls to BTS' fans.

Back on January 23, a new video of BTS members having a break time during their Los Angeles filming was shared on the group's official YouTube channel.
JUNGKOOK ChipotleIn the video, JUNGKOOK was seen grabbing a Chipotle burrito bowl and calling it "Chicotle".

▶ [SBS Star] BTS JUNGKOOK Mispronounces 'Chipotle' to Chicotle; the Franchise Changes Its Name

Shortly after the video went viral online, Chipotle's official Twitter changed its name from 'Chipotle' to 'Chicotle'.

Not only that, the Mexican fast food chain made the most of the opportunity and partnered up with ARMY U.S. fanbase, providing a special promo code only for the ARMYs.
JUNGKOOK ChipotleAccording to fans, the promo code worth of 7,000 free burrito bowls were redeemed in less than 15 minutes, once again showing how powerful the 'JUNGKOOK impact' really is. 
JUNGKOOK Chipotle(Credit= Chipotle, 'USBTSARMY' Twitter, 'BANGTANTV' YouTube)

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