Kim Jun Su Says He Lived in a Semi Basement Home With No Bathroom When He Was Young

By  Lee Narin  | Jan 27, 2022

Kim Jun Su Says He Lived in a Semi Basement Home With No Bathroom When He Was Young
Kim Jun Su of K-pop boy group JYJ shared that he lived in a semi basement home without a bathroom when he was young. 

On January 26 episode of Channel A's television show 'Lessons for the Groom' (literal translation), Kim Jun Su mentioned his tough childhood days.  

In this episode, Kim Jun Su was seen meeting his twin brother, then heading to his family home together to spend some time with their parents. 
Kim Jun SuKim Jun SuAs Kim Jun Su watched this in the studio, he said he wanted to clarify a few things about himself. 

The K-pop star said, "Many assumed that I had always lived a wealthy life since when I was young, but that's not true at all. I have never had a proper 'home' then." 

He continued, "We used to live in a semi basement home where there was no bathroom. We had to get our businesses done in the kitchen when we were needed it badly." 

He went on, "There were also times when my brother and I lived with our grandma's house for like a year or two, and lived with our aunt for a bit. We couldn't settle down anywhere." 
Kim Jun SuThen, Kim Jun Su revealed that he gave his family home as a gift to his parents some years ago because of the dream he had in the past. 

Kim Jun Su said, "When we were little, my brother and I used to talk about becoming successful and living in a nice home all the time." 

He added, "If any one of us would succeed, we said that we would make sure we lived in a nice home. That's why I gifted my parents to their current home." 
Kim Jun Su(Credit= Channel A Lessons for the Groom) 

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