Police Books SF9 CHA NI & HWI YOUNG for Violating COVID-19 Regulations

Jan 28, 2022

Police Books SF9 CHA NI & HWI YOUNG for Violating COVID-19 Regulations
K-pop boy group SF9's members CHA NI and HWI YOUNG have been booked for violating the government's COVID-19 prevention regulations.

On January 27, it was reported that the police received a report of a drinking establishment operating at 1:00 AM KST on the 18th, where the two SF9 members were also present.

Current COVID-19 prevention regulations in South Korea only allow operation until 9:00 PM.
CHA NI, HWI YOUNGAt the time, the drinking establishment even had its door locked and would not open the door, making the police to force the door open.

15 people who were present there including CHA NI and HWI YOUNG were all booked by the police for violating the regulations.
CHA NI, HWI YOUNGFollowing the report, SF9's management agency FNC Entertainment shared, "It is clear that HWI YOUNG and CHA NI's actions were careless and deserving a criticism. They are reproachful of themselves for causing concerns to fans and the public, and they are deeply regretful and self-reflecting."

The agency added, "We also express our deepest apologies for being inattentive about managing agency artists with no excuses. We promise to provide thorough management and prepare necessary measures to prevent similar situation."

(Credit= FNC Entertainment)

(SBS Star)