Lee Kwang Soo Plays with His Nephew in 'Running Man' Style

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 3, 2022

Lee Kwang Soo Plays with His Nephew in 'Running Man' Style
Actor Lee Kwang Soo was spotted playing a 'Running Man'-like game with his nephew. 

On February 1, Lee Kwang Soo updated his Instagram with some new photos. 

February 1 was the Lunar New Year―one of the biggest holidays in Korea, and it snowed a lot on this day. 
Lee Kwang SooIn the first photo, Lee Kwang Soo is seen chasing after his nephew in the snow. 

His nephew runs for his life, while Lee Kwang Soo chases after him fast. 

Then in the next photos, Lee Kwang Soo catches his nephew, and he is lying on the snowy ground. 

His nephew fights him in order to get away from him, looking super happy despite being caught. 
Lee Kwang SooOver these photos, Lee Kwang Soo wrote, "Having a snow fight with my nephew." 

Their 'snow fight' reminded everyone of the iconic chasing game in SBS' television show 'Running Man', where Lee Kwang Soo featured in for years. 

Under this post, fans left comments such as, "That's totally 'Running Man'-style!", "Lee Kwang Soo's going to be such a great dad!", "His nephew is so lucky for having Lee Kwang Soo as his uncle!" and so on. 
Lee Kwang Soo(Credit= 'masijacoke850714' 'sbs_runningman_sbs' Instagram) 

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