Park Bo Gum Becomes a Licensed Barber in the Military

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 3, 2022

Park Bo Gum Becomes a Licensed Barber in the Military
Actor Park Bo Gum got a barber license in the military. 

On February 2, the Republic of Korea Navy shared news about Park Bo Gum online. 

The Navy stated that Park Bo Gum recently obtained a barber license. 
Park Bo GumIn the military, soldiers are encouraged to get at least one national qualification for their self-improvement. 

Out of many, Park Bo Gum chose to get a barber license while he was serving his time there. 

In order to get the license, Park Bo Gum recently used his day-off to take the test at the Navy Education and Training Center. 
Park Bo GumPark Bo Gum said to have regularly given his fellow soldiers a haircut even before his license. 

Not so long ago, the actor successfully passed the test, and officially became a licensed barber. 
Park Bo GumCurrently, Park Bo Gum is fulfilling his national mandatory military duty as a member of the military band in the Navy.

The actor began his military service on August 31, 2020, and is expected to complete it in the end of April 2022.

(Credit= '대한민국해군 R.O.K. Navy' YouTube) 

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