Lee Se Young Shares Why She Has 2PM JUNHO's Photo as Her Phone Wallpaper

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 3, 2022

Lee Se Young Shares Why She Has 2PM JUNHO's Photo as Her Phone Wallpaper
Actress Lee Se Young revealed that she had JUNHO of K-pop boy group 2PM's photo as her phone wallpaper for months. 

On February 2 episode of MBC's television show 'Radio Star', Lee Se Young and JUNHO made a guest appearance. 

While the two stars spoke about their recently-ended popular drama 'The Red Sleeve', Lee Se Young shared an interesting fact. 

Lee Se Young said, "Throughout the shooting of 'The Red Sleeve', I had a photo of JUNHO as my phone wallpaper. It was to really get into my character." 

She continued, "I first started doing this when I filmed tvN's drama 'The Crowned Clown' with Yeo Jin Goo in 2019. We were a married couple in the drama, so I thought it was a good idea." 
Radio StarThen, Lee Se Young shared that JUNHO was very shy about her having a photo of him as her phone wallpaper. 

Lee Se Young said, "As I talked about having Yeo Jin Goo's photo as my phone wallpaper in the past, I was asked if I had JUNHO's photo as the wallpaper on my phone during one interview when we had just began filming the drama." 

The actress resumed, "Since my character didn't like JUNHO's character from the start, I told the interviewer that I was going to do that later. Then, I went to the same interview a while later, and the interviewer asked me the same question." 
Radio StarShe went on, "I usually have inspirational quotes as my phone wallpaper, but I just ended up changing it to JUNHO's photo then. But JUNHO said he felt too shy about it. So, I thought he would feel less shy if I used his Polaroid photo instead of a digital photo." 

With a laugh, she added, "I got him to write something on the Polaroid photo that the production team took of him at the press conference. He playfully wrote, 'You owe me a letter of apology.'"
Radio Star(Credit= MBC Radio Star, The Red Sleeve) 

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