The Reason Behind Lee Se Young's Debut at Such a Young Age

Feb 4, 2022

The Reason Behind Lee Se Young's Debut at Such a Young Age
Actress Lee Se Young shared the real reason why she made her debut at a very young age.

Recently, one past interview of Lee Se Young went viral online following the success of her recently-ended drama 'The Red Sleeve'.
Lee Se YoungDuring the interview, Lee Se Young revealed the real reason why her parents made her to debut at such a young age.

Lee Se Young made her child actress debut when she was only five years old, through a 1996 drama 'The Brothers' River'.
Lee Se YoungThanks to her doll-like appearance and exceptional acting skills, Lee Se Young continued to make appearance in various projects.

However, Lee Se Young revealed that her parents' decision to make their daughter to debut at such a young age was rather for a preventative reason.
Lee Se YoungLee Se YoungLee Se Young said, "At the time, there were many child kidnapping cases in South Korea. My parents were afraid if I would also be kidnapped, and they thought I would be less likely to be kidnapped if I debut as a child actress."

She explained, "Mom told me that people around her suggested that drama producers would like my look. That's how I started my career."
Lee Se YoungThanks to her parents' wise decision, Lee Se Young is known to be one of the most successful child actors/actresses who made a smooth transition and continued their acting career even after they are fully grown up.

(Credit= MBC The Red Sleeve, Online Community)

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