VIDEO: "I'm So Happy Being in Love Nowadays" Han Ye Seul Introduces Her Boyfriend

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 9, 2022

VIDEO: "I'm So Happy Being in Love Nowadays" Han Ye Seul Introduces Her Boyfriend
Actress Han Ye Seul shared how happy she was with her boyfriend former stage actor Ryu Sung-jae. 

On February 8, Han Ye Seul updated her YouTube channel with a video titled, 'Let Me Introduce You to My Boyfriend'. 

In this video, Han Ye Seul explained that she felt like she had not yet properly introduced her boyfriend to her subscribers that she decided to do it. 

The actress said, "I have been some taking some time off work, and I think I've become quite lazy. I haven't really been wearing makeup much nowadays as well. That's unlike me. I love beauty, fashion and every other beautiful things in this world." 

She continued, "The biggest change in my life was that I began a new romance. I'm so happy being in love these days. So, today, I'm going to put some makeup, and surprise my boyfriend who will be at a restaurant later on. He doesn't know that I'm coming with the filming crew to film him." 

With a smile, she stated, "He's going to be really nervous and shy. He would be sweating a lot. He may also be trying to look calm when he isn't." 
Han Ye SeulAfter getting her makeup and hair done by her staff, Han Ye Seul headed to the restaurant without telling her boyfriend. 

When Ryu Sung-jae saw Han Ye Seul entering the restaurant, he jumped up from his seat a little in surprise. 

Then he shyly laughed and asked, "What are you doing here? You didn't tell me that you were going to come. What's all this? Gosh, I can't even look at you in the eye." 

Han Ye Seul answered, "I came here to surprise you, you know. It took me hours to get ready today. How do I look?" 

As he nodded, Han Ye Seul linked arms with Ryu Sung-jae, and said, "So, this is my boyfriend, everybody. He's someone I love very very much." 

Following that, she asked him for a kiss; he kissed her on her lips, then cheek. 
Han Ye SeulAbout her boyfriend, Han Ye Seul explained, "I think we are a good match. I usually make impromptu decisions, but he makes plans for everything." 

She added, "According to our personality test results, we are a match made in heaven. Did you just see him putting a piece of bread on my plate? He's really caring like that. This is what we're usually like when we are together." 

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