Huh Chan-mi Tells the Kind of Hate Comments She Received During SM Ent. Trainee Days

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 9, 2022

Huh Chan-mi Tells the Kind of Hate Comments She Received During SM Ent. Trainee Days
Huh Chan-mi of disbanded K-pop groups COED SCHOOL as well as Five Dolls talked about the hate comments she received when she was a trainee at SM Entertainment. 

On February 7, Huh Chan-mi's interview was uploaded on one YouTube channel. 
Huh Chan-miDuring the interview, the interviewer spoke about seeing Huh Chan-mi in the girl group Girls' Generation's pre-debut photo. 

Huh Chan-mi responded, "I joined SM Entertainment as a trainee when I was 14 years old. At that time, the members of Girls' Generation had been training for like five to seven years." 

She continued, "Since I was still new to the agency, I felt more pressured than happy to be part of pre-debut Girls' Generation. Although I did feel happy and grateful, I was more like, 'I hope I don't make it.'" 

She explained why she thought that way, "I felt like I wasn't good enough to be in the same team as them, because they were all so well-trained and skilled compared to me." 

She added, "I actually got to see Girls' Generation members a few times when I was promoting as COED SCHOOL/Five Dolls, and they all excitedly greeted me." 
Huh Chan-miThen, Huh Chan-mi shared her experience of being a trainee at SM Entertainment. 

Huh Chan-mi said, "There were always like 50 to 100 fans in front of our agency building. I had to go past them, and put my fingerprint on the device at the entrance every day." 

The former SM Entertainment trainee resumed, "Soon enough, fans got to know who I was, as they saw me there every day. In order to find more about me, they would ask me some questions as I entered the building as well."

She went on, "There was an online community for SM Entertainment trainees that fans created. I visited the site once, and it turned out I had a very bad image." 

She sighed and commented, "A lot of fans said that I looked like I had attitude problems that I even walked with an attitude. After seeing those comments, I tried to walk 'kindly', and kept a smile on my face." 

After her groups COED SCHOOL and Five Dolls disbanded, Huh Chan-mi featured in lots of survival audition shows including 'Produce 101', 'MIX NINE' and 'Miss Trot 2'. 

(Credit= '근황올림픽' YouTube, SM Entertainment) 

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