'All of Us Are Dead' Cast Congratulate Park Ji Hu on Her High School Graduation

Feb 10, 2022

'All of Us Are Dead' Cast Congratulate Park Ji Hu on Her High School Graduation
Actress Park Ji Hu has graduated from high school, and her fellow cast of 'All of Us Are Dead' showered her with congratulatory messages.

On February 9, Park Ji Hu took to her personal Instagram and shared photos from her recent high school graduation.

Along with the two photos of herself with flowers, Park Ji Hu wrote, "Park Ji Hu, graduated."
All of Us Are DeadShortly after her update, the co-stars of her latest Netflix zombie apocalypse series 'All of Us Are Dead' shared their congratulations in the comment section.
All of Us Are DeadActor Yoon Chan Young (Lee Cheong San) wrote, "Congratulations on your graduation, junior," referring to the fact that Park Ji Hu will soon become his junior at Hanyang University.

Yoon Chan Young currently majors in theatre and film at the university, and Park Ji Hu will be joining in the department this Spring.

Actor Yoo In Soo (Yoon Gwi Nam) wrote, "Congratulations to both On Jo (Park Ji Hu's role) and Ji Hu!"

Actresses Kim Bo Yoon (Seo Hyo Ryung) and Cho Yi Hyun (Choi Nam Ra) also wrote, "Congratulations on graduating!", and "Wow, now you're really an adult.", respectively.
All of Us Are DeadAll of Us Are DeadMeanwhile, 'All of Us Are Dead' has secured its top position on Netflix's Top 10 TV Shows for 11 consecutive days.

The series garnered 236.2 million hours of streaming for the week between January 31 and February 6, topping Netflix's weekly viewership chart for the second consecutive week.

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