Cho Yi Hyun Shares Her Agency Head Lee Jung Jae's Response to 'All of Us Are Dead' Success

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 10, 2022

Cho Yi Hyun Shares Her Agency Head Lee Jung Jae's Response to 'All of Us Are Dead' Success
Actress Cho Yi Hyun shared actor Lee Jung Jae's response to the global success of her series 'All of Us Are Dead'. 

On February 10, Choi Yi Hyun sat down for an interview with the press to talk about her series 'All of Us Are Dead'. 

Netflix's recently-premiered series 'All of Us Are Dead' is about a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak, and trapped students trying to fight their way out. 

Currently, 'All of Us Are Dead' is gaining a lot of attention from Netflix users across the globe. 
All of Us Are DeadDuring the interview, Choi Yi Hyun was asked how Lee Jung Jae―the head of her agency Artist Company―who received immense love globally ahead of her with 'Squid Game' last year. 

Choi Yi Hyun commented, "The other actors and actresses at my agency, including Lee Jung Jae, gave me a lot of support for my series." 

She resumed, "Our series was unveiled around Lunar New Year, and I actually happened to send a Happy New Year message to Lee Jung Jae at that time." 
All of Us Are DeadShe continued, "In response to my message, he was like, 'I'm watching the second episode of your series at the moment. Happy New Year. I see Nam-ra (Choi Yi Hyun's character in 'All of Us Are Dead') is a class president.'" 

The actress added, "I'm really happy these days. I'm receiving so much attention, love and support for my series. Everyone at my agency have been very supportive of me, and my family still can't believe how great the series is doing around the world." 
All of Us Are DeadThis week, it was revealed that 'All of Us Are Dead' has become Netflix's fifth most popular non-English-language series debut.

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