'All of Us Are Dead' Yoon Chan Young Shares He Has Never Been in Love Before

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 11, 2022

'All of Us Are Dead' Yoon Chan Young Shares He Has Never Been in Love Before
Actor Yoon Chan Young shared that he does not really know how it feels to be in love. 

On February 11, Yoon Chan Young sat down for an online press interview to talk about his series 'All of Us Are Dead'. 
Yoon Chan YoungDuring the interview, Yoon Chan Young revealed that he started acting so that he could act in a love story one day, but never had been in love before. 

Yoon Chan Young said, "I actually don't know what it feels like to be in love. I decided to go to an arts high school after watching 'La La Land'. After watching 'La La Land', I wanted to act in a project that tells a love story like that." 

He continued, "It wasn't like I wasn't interested in being in a relationship, but I've really just focused on building my acting skills in high school. I think I was more interested in acting than romance." 
Yoon Chan YoungBut then in 'All of Us Are Dead', Yoon Chan Young had to act a character named 'Cheong-san' who loves 'On-jo'. 

Regarding this, Yoon Chan Young said, "As I had no first-had experience of being in love, I had to get a good understanding of the feelings Cheong-san have for On-jo. It wasn't easy for sure." 

He continued, "What I did was to put a photo of 'On-jo' on the back of my phone and script, and tried to make her enter my heart. I repeatedly tried to have Cheong-san's feelings even when we weren't shooting." 

He resumed, "I also captured parts of the 'All of Us Are Dead' webtoon, where Cheong-san tells how he feels about On-jo, and made them as my phone wallpapers." 
Yoon Chan Young(Credit= 'yooncy1' Instagram) 

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