Lee Sunbin Shyly Shares that Lee Kwang Soo Is the Type of Guy She Likes

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 14, 2022

Lee Sunbin Shyly Shares that Lee Kwang Soo Is the Type of Guy She Likes
Actress Lee Sunbin revealed that actor Lee Kwang Soo fits her type. 

On February 11 episode of tvN's television show 'City Girls on the Climb', Lee Sunbin, actress Han Seon Hwa and EUNJI of K-pop girl group Apink were seen climbing Mount Taebaek together. 
Lee SunbinWhile climbing the mountain, Han Seon Hwa said, "The view is amazing. I want to come back here with my loved one in the future." 

To this, EUNJI playfully commented, "Don't you love us?", which Han Seon Hwa responded, "Oh, of course I love you!" 

Lee Sunbin laughed and stated, "I'm not sure if I can give my answer that. Yeah, I don't think I can." 
Lee SunbinEUNJI said, "Isn't it possible for you to be dating a person who is far from your type? I believe it's definitely possible that him and your type can be hugely different." 

Lee Sunbin shyly smiled and answered, "No, no. He's pretty much my type.", indirectly mentioning that Lee Kwang Soo is the type of guy she would usually go for. 

Then, Han Seon Hwa said, "Why are you only asking her a fun question? Ask me a fun question like that as well! Make me tingle with excitement, too!" 
Lee SunbinLee Sunbin and Lee Kwang Soo first met during the shooting of SBS' television show 'Running Man' in September 2016. 

About two years later in December 2018, Lee Sunbin and Lee Kwang Soo made their 5-month relationship public. 

(Credit= 'SBS Running Man' YouTube, tvN City Girls on the Climb)

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