Park Shin Hye Receives Hate Comments for Posting Hanbok Photos

Feb 15, 2022

Park Shin Hye Receives Hate Comments for Posting Hanbok Photos
Actress Park Shin Hye's Instagram has been filled with hate comments after she posted photos of herself wearing Hanbok, the traditional Korean clothes.

On February 12, Park Shin Hye took to her personal Instagram and shared photos of herself beautifully dressed up in Hanbok.
Park Shin HyePark Shin HyeAlong with the photos, Park Shin Hye wrote in the caption, "I thought I wore enough Hanbok during 'The Royal Tailor' filming, but it still feels wonderful to wear it."

The actress also left a hashtag '#koreantraditionalclothes', letting her international fans know that Hanbok is from Korea.
Park Shin HyePark Shin HyeShortly after the Instagram update, however, some Chinese fans flocked to Park Shin Hye's account and claimed that Hanbok is originated from China.

베이징올림픽 개회식에 등장한 '한복' (사진=연합뉴스)
Earlier this month, China was accused of 'cultural appropriation' in Korea after a performer appeared at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games Beijing 2022 wearing Hanbok as a representative of one of the ethnic minority groups in China.

Such scenes have sparked fury among Koreans, and many South Korean celebrities have also posted photos of themselves in Hanbok to back its origin as Korean.

(Credit= 'ssinz7' Instagram, Yonhap News Agency)

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