BTS V Gives a Special Valentine's Day Gift to Fans Through a Request on a Live Radio Show

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 15, 2022

BTS V Gives a Special Valentine's Day Gift to Fans Through a Request on a Live Radio Show
V of K-pop boy group BTS gave a memorable gift to fans on Valentine's Day. 

In the evening of February 14, V came on the official online fan community WeVerse, and left a special comment under one fan's post. 

This fan had posted a screenshot of himself/herself listening to MBC Standard FM's radio show 'Star Night' hosted by lyricist Kim Eana.

In the comment section, V wrote, "Hi, In-hye. It seems like we are listening to the same radio show right now." 

'In-hye' turned out to be a girl who sent a message to 'Star Night' requesting V's solo track 'Christmas Tree' to be played, and also revealed to be a huge fan of V. 

After that, ARMY (the name of BTS' fandom) wondered whether V was actually listening to the radio show live.
BTS VJust as they were busily discussing which one they thought was more likely, the host shared that she received a message from someone who she had not expected at all. 

Kim Eana read the message out loud, "In the message, it said, 'Hi, I'm just a boy in my 20s. I only realized that it was Valentine's Day a short while ago. So, I would like to make a request. Could you play this song for me?" 

She continued, "'I'll listen to your radio show every now and then. Please invite me to the studio some time in the future.' You would never guess who this message is from. It was from Tae-hyung. Yes, V of BTS! Taehyung of BTS!" 

She added, "V, you aren't just saying that, right? You really will join us in the studio one day, right? We'll all be patiently waiting for you! Do come and join us soon! Thank you for your message and request, Tae-hyung!" 

Then, she played the song that he requested her to play, which was 'Nothing' by British singer-songwriter Bruno Major. 
BTS VFollowing the live broadcast, Kim Eana took to the radio show's Instagram to share how happy the team of 'Star Night' was upon getting a message from V. 

She said, "February 14, 2022, we played a song for V. Bruno Major's 'Nothing' was requested by Kim Tae-hyung, a boy in his 20s. He also asked for us to officially invite him to the show. #bts #v." with purple (the official color of ARMY) hearts. 

Fans could not get more excited after receiving the one-and-only Valentine's Day gift from V as well. 
(Credit= 'bangtan.official' Facebook, WeVerse, 'starnight959' Instagram) 

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