"I Can't Dance like I Used to" BoA Shares Her Worries

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 15, 2022

"I Can't Dance like I Used to" BoA Shares Her Worries
K-pop artist BoA shared that she cannot dance like she used to. 

On February 12, an online streaming service TVING uploaded a behind-the-scenes footage of their new show 'Seoul Check-in'. 

Here, another BoA, singers Lee Hyo-ri, Uhm Jung Hwa and Kim Wan Sun were seen talking to each other. 
Seoul Check-inWhile speaking together, Lee Hyo-ri mentioned one past performance BoA presented a long time ago. 

Lee Hyo-ri said, "I can still vividly remember your 11-minute performance at 'Mnet Asian Music Awards' in 2005, BoA. It was amazing." 

BoA laughingly commented, "Ah yes, I pretty much fainted after that performance. I could never do it again. I could only do it because I was 20 at that time." 

She continued, "I actually started dancing properly again a short while ago, and I was like, 'Wow, why is this so hard? When did dancing become this tiring?'" 

She went on with a sad look on her face, "It's becoming harder to dance like I used to year by year." 

Then, Kim Wan Sun responded, "Hey, I'm here.", and Uhm Jung Hwa also said, "Hey, I'm here, too." 
Seoul Check-inLee Hyo-ri laughed and asked, "How old are you, BoA?", which BoA answered, "I'm 36 years old." 

Uhm Jung Hwa stated, "What? You're still young then! You are a baby!" 

Lee Hyo-ri agreed with Uhm Jung Hwa, "Yeah, exactly. You are still young. You are the most beautiful at 36." 
Seoul Check-inDebuted in August 2000 with 'ID; Peace B', it has been almost 22 years since BoA made debut. 

(Credit= 'TVING' YouTube) 

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