YG Signs Contract with a Virtual AI Star Han YuA

Feb 16, 2022

YG Signs Contract with a Virtual AI Star Han YuA
Virtual AI(Artificial Intelligence) influencer Han YuA signed her exclusive contract with YG Entertainment's modeling agency, YG KPLUS.
Han YuAOn February 14, South Korean game developer Smilegate announced that its virtual artist Han YuA signed an exclusive contract with YG KPLUS.

YG KPLUS is one of the subsidiaries of YG Entertainment, which specializes in model/actor management.
Han YuAHan YuAUnder YG KPLUS, Han YuA plans to work in various fields including broadcasting, YouTube, stage performances, and commercials.

Since YG KPLUS is under YG Entertainment, Han YuA's close collaboration with YG Entertainment artists is also expected.
Han YuAHan YuAMeanwhile, a growing number of entertainment companies are choosing virtual personalities as their 'artists'.

As they are computer-generated, their diverse character traits and talents can be widely utilized in various fields.

Industry insiders also find virtual influencers attractive, as they are scandal-free and do not age; and are cheaper to work with than real-life celebrities in the long term.

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