K-pop Lover Park So-hyun Shares How She Can Tell K-pop Stars Are in the Dating Scene

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 16, 2022

K-pop Lover Park So-hyun Shares How She Can Tell K-pop Stars Are in the Dating Scene
Actress Park So-hyun revealed her way of determining whether a K-pop star are dating another K-pop star. 

On February 15 episode of KBS' television show 'Problem Child in House', an interesting opinion of Park So-hyun was shared.

While playing a quiz, the production team gave the hosts and guests a question about Park So-hyun and K-pop stars. 

The question was, "Park So-hyun said that she could tell if K-pop stars are in a relationship or not by looking at them closely at the airport when they land in Seoul. What do you think we have to look for?" 
Problem Child in HouseAfter many wrong answers were made, Song Eun-yi said, "Just say one K-pop star was seen with a particular brand's paper bag at the airport from a shop that they don't usually shop at." 

She continued without much confidence, "Then not long after, another K-pop star comes on Park So-hyun's radio show wearing something from that brand? Is it something like this?" 

The production team responded, "Yes, that's right. Previously, Park So-hyun shared that the clues of K-pop stars in a relationship start at the airport. Those paper bags from shops that they don't usually shop at is the first one, she said." 

They resumed, "If she doesn't see the K-pop star wearing that brand, but see another K-pop star wearing that brand when they guest on her radio show, then she begins to think that they might be dating each other." 
Problem Child in HouseProblem Child in HousePark So-hyun is known for her love for K-pop and K-pop stars; she knows everything about K-pop from the birthdays of different K-pop group members to their daily schedule. 

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