Apink Say, "It's Impossible for One's Romance to Begin at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'"

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 17, 2022

Apink Say, "It's Impossible for One's Romance to Begin at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'"
K-pop girl group Apink members stated that it is not possible for a K-pop star to start dating another K-pop star at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'. 

On February 16 episode of Mnet's television show 'TMI SHOW', the members of Apink made a guest appearance. 

During the talk, the host Boom said, "I heard that many K-pop stars begin their romance at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'." 

He continued, "People say that a lot of numbers are exchanged then, as well as secret physical and eye contact behind cameras and fans. Is this true?" 
TMI SHOWThe members of Apink frowned and answered in a loud voice, "We've heard that too, but that's honestly a no. It's impossible for a romantic relationship to begin there!" 

They went on, "Our make-up is all smudged from playing the sports, and everyone is just lying down on the floor all day."

Then, another host Mijoo of disbanded girl group Lovelyz laughingly said, "Yeah, my false lashes have disappeared while shooting in the past as well." 
TMI SHOWEUNJI said, "So, it's impossible for one to develop feelings for another at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championships'. Everybody is not very happy there; they're all angry." 

She resumed, "If they can begin their romance at a place like that, then they will get married, and live happily ever after." 

BOMI added, "Yeah, that's right. They'll definitely end up marrying each other in that case." 
TMI SHOWPreviously, several K-pop stars, including Hyeri of Girl's Day, Jaekyung of RAINBOW, Qri of T-ARA, G.O of MBLAQ and more, mentioned that some K-pop stars start dating at the 'Idol Star Athletics Championships', and they witnessed those moments during filming. 

(Credit= MBC The Idol Star Athletics Championships, Mnet TMI SHOW) 

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