VIDEO: TWICE Members Turn Up at Their LA Concert Looking All Muscular

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 17, 2022

VIDEO: TWICE Members Turn Up at Their LA Concert Looking All Muscular
The members of K-pop girl group TWICE surprised fans with how much muscles they recently put on themselves. 

On February 15, the first day of TWICE's concert tour took place at The Forum in Los Angeles, the United States. 

As it had been a long time since TWICE met their fans through a concert due to the pandemic, the members of TWICE were more energetic and excited than ever at this concert. 

The audience very much enjoyed the concert as well; they were seen excitedly cheering for the girls during the concert. 
TWICETWICEOne thing also caught the attention of fans at the concert, and it was the fact that all girls had become much more muscular. 

They are known for spending hours of the day at the gym in spite of their hectic lives as popular K-pop stars. 

It seemed like they worked out harder during the pandemic when they were less busy with work. 

Their muscles definitely looked much more defined than before that this fact surprised many fans. 
TWICEAfter the concert, fans left comments non-stop going on about this on social media. 

Fans left comments such as, "Wow, this is amazing. They are such hard-workers!", "I have great respect for the girls. I should start working out as well!", "How awesome!" and more. 
TWICETWICE(Credit= JYP Entertainment, Online Community, 'tphamBU' Twitter) 

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