Son Ye-jin Reveals She Still Struggles When Acting

Feb 17, 2022

Son Ye-jin Reveals She Still Struggles When Acting
Actress Son Ye-jin confessed about the struggles she faced during her 22 years of acting career.

On February 16 episode of tvN's 'You Quiz on the Block', Son Ye-jin made a guest appearance to promote her new drama 'Thirty, Nine'.
Son Ye-jinDuring the show, Son Ye-jin revealed that she feels like she has become a surgeon getting ready for a surgery every time she goes to the bathroom to get herself ready before filming.

She said, "Whenever there's an emotional scene I have to film, I have to control my mind beforehand. Even when I'm washing my hands."Son Ye-jinSon Ye-jinSon Ye-jin also shared that she would wake up around 6~7 AM every day and walk around the park while listening to music a few days before filming an important scene.

She explained, "I always have this fear, thinking, 'Can I do this well? What if my emotions aren't enough during filming?' For countless time, I wanted to just run away."

She continued, "The downside of being an actress is that no one can help you. It gets really lonely once you stand in front of the camera, all alone. It was a constant battle between this urge to run away or to complete the filming greatly."
Son Ye-jinSon Ye-jinSon Ye-jin also talked about the emotional pressure that she holds throughout her acting career.

She said, "I have a sense of responsibility for a project or my acting skills. I have to show an improved version of myself, but there is definitely a limit to how much I can evolve. There are certain standards and expectations that I must satisfy, so it's hard for me sometimes."

She added, "A month before premiering a new project, I can't sleep. I know that my lack of sleeping doesn't guarantee the project's success, but I get so nervous when I think about the staff and cast members who went through so much together."


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