'All of Us Are Dead' Yoo In-soo·Yoon Chan Young Became Close While Throwing Up Together?

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 17, 2022

'All of Us Are Dead' Yoo In-soo·Yoon Chan Young Became Close While Throwing Up Together?
Actors Yoo In-soo and Yoon Chan Young shared how they became close. 

Recently, Yoo In-soo talked about his friendship with Yoon Chan Young at a press interview. 

During this interview, Yoo In-soo said, "Our series 'All of Us Are Dead' requires a different style of action to a lot of other series or movies, because we are students whose high school becomes filled with zombies." 

He continued, "We took special classes for our action scenes, and the classes weren't easy. I had to practice again and again to perfect myself as well." 

"As I worked too hard, I once threw up following one class. At that time, Chan Young also threw up. So, we threw up together. That's kind of how we became really close to each other. It all started on that day. We felt closer after that.", he added. 
Yoon Chan Young and Yoo In-sooYoon Chan Young and Yoo In-sooThen on February 17 episode of SBS' POWER FM's radio show 'Cinetown', Yoon Chan Young made a guest appearance and shared his comment regarding Yoo In-soo's interview. 

Yoon Chan Young said, "In-soo and I are really close. We speak to one another every day, and we also go see the night view together a lot. We live nearby." 

The actor laughed and resumed, "But I think the story about us becoming close after throwing up together needs a bit of explanation. Since the moves that we were learning during the action classes were energy-draining, we really had to get ourselves ready in advance." 

He went on, "The first class was extremely hard, but we pushed ourselves; we continued the class for another two hours, which was beyond our limitations. That's when we threw up. We threw up after the first class to prepare well for our next class." 

He wrapped up the topic by stating, "Because the first class was so hard, the next class felt much easier. This was how that story came about." 
Yoon Chan Young and Yoo In-soo(Credit= 'k.a_innsoo' Instagram) 

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