BTS JIMIN Updates Fans on V's Condition

Feb 21, 2022

BTS JIMIN Updates Fans on V's Condition
JIMIN of K-pop boy group BTS gave an update on his fellow member V's condition following his recent COVID-19 infection.

On February 20, BTS' RM, SUGA, and JIMIN held a surprise live broadcast and interacted with ARMYs all around the world.
BTSFans were beyond excited to see JIMIN doing well, as it was his first 'official' appearance after recovering from his surgery and COVID-19.

JIMIN first let his fans know that he is feeling okay and shared that he even started working out two days after his recovery.
BTSThe BTS member then updates fans on how V is doing.

JIMIN said, "I was on a video call with Taehyung (V's real name) the other day, for about two hours."

To this, RM said, "Oh really? He must feel bored (in self-quarantine). Is he doing well?"
BTSJIMIN shared, "Yeah, he's doing well, he's doing well. We even did chin-ups together while doing the video call."

When JIMIN shared this, fans weren't too suprised as some fans noticed some working out equipment behind V in his recent 'quarantine selfie'.

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