Kim Tae Ri Says She Was Amazed at Nam Joo Hyuk's Good Looks When They First Met

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 22, 2022

Kim Tae Ri Says She Was Amazed at Nam Joo Hyuk's Good Looks When They First Met
Actress Kim Tae Ri shared how amazed she was at actor Nam Joo Hyuk's good looks when they first met. 

On February 21, Netflix Korea released a video of the cast of their romance series 'Twenty Five Twenty One'. 

While the cast talked together, they talked about their first-ever shooting for the drama. 

Nam Joo Hyuk said, "We all became really close during the read-through, so our first shooting went very smoothly." 

He continued, "I even broke my bike, which was unscripted. I had to act angrier in that scene because of that as well. The weather was super nice too. I remember the clouds being cute as well." 

Kim Tae Ri added, "Yes, the weather was really nice. The place itself was just really beautiful. It was a great day." 
Nam Joo HyukThen, they were asked what their first impression of each other was. 

Immediately, Kim Tae Ri answered, "'Whoa, he's good-looking!' This was exactly what I thought." 

Her honest response made the rest of the cast laugh out loud. 

Then, she commented with a big smile, "That's really what I thought when I was monitoring our scenes that we shot together." 

To this, Nam Joo Hyuk shyly smiled and stated, "Thank you." 
Nam Joo HyukAbout Kim Tae Ri's first impression, Nam Joo Hyuk said, "I thought, 'Wow, she's totally Hee-do.'", which made everyone agree.  

Upon hearing this, Kim Tae Ri smiled and stated, "Oh, I actually like that answer." 

'Hee-do' is Kim Tae Ri's character in 'Twenty Five Twenty One', a professional fencer for the National Fencing Team who is bold and tenacious. 

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