"I Want to Get Married Soon" Super Junior SiWon Shares What Changed His Mind About Marriage

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 22, 2022

"I Want to Get Married Soon" Super Junior SiWon Shares What Changed His Mind About Marriage
SiWon of K-pop boy group Super Junior shared his wish to get married soon. 

On February 18 episode of tvN's television show 'City Girls on the Climb', SiWon made a special appearance. 

In this episode, actresses Lee Sunbin, Han Seon Hwa, EUNJI of K-pop girl group Apink and SiWon were seen talking over a meal and drink. 
City Girls on the ClimbWhile talking together, SiWon mentioned seeing many people around him getting married in recent times. 

SiWon said, "I'm 37 now, and I've never thought about getting married before 40, but my mind's changed now. All my cousins are married now, and CHANSUNG of 2PM got married a short while ago, too. I felt really weird seeing all that." 

He continued, "In the past, getting married felt like it was something far from me, because a lot of people who were getting married were not in the same industry as I was. But things are different now." 

He laughingly added, "Most importantly though, my dad recently was like, 'My friends/siblings have grandchildren now. They are so cute. You should really think about getting married soon.'"  
City Girls on the ClimbThen, Han Seon Hwa said, "Before I filmed 'Work Later, Drink Now' with you guys, I was on a long break from work. Since I was 32 years old, so many of my friends were getting married at that time, and that honestly hit me." 

She resumed, "I started to question myself, 'Is that happiness?' I've never thought about having my own family before. I thought I would just be happy with my life working busily and living by myself. But these days, I wonder if I would be happier if I got married." 
City Girls on the Climb(Credit= tvN City Girls on the Climb) 

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