Go Eun-ah Talks About One Celebrity with a Lovely Public Image Who Stole Her Money

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 22, 2022

Go Eun-ah Talks About One Celebrity with a Lovely Public Image Who Stole Her Money
Actress Go Eun-ah shared that one celebrity with a lovely public image stole her money in the past. 

During the recent recording of Channel S' television show 'Attack on Grandma' (literal title), Go Eun-ah shared one shocking story about her celebrity friend. 

Go Eun-ah said, "I made debut at the age of 17, and I'm now 35. But I have no celebrity friends now. I used to have one celebrity friend, and she was the only celebrity friend that I've ever had." 

The actress continued, "This was some time ago. So, I was at home alone, and I happened to fall, and my toenail fell off. She came to my place to help me then. An ambulance came soon after her arrival, and I quickly headed to the emergency room." 
Go Eun-ahShe went on, "At that time, I had cash on my bed for my monthly rent. After I returned home from the hospital, the money was gone. As she was the only person who was at my home after I went on the ambulance, I asked her if she knew where my money went." 

"She said she didn't know, and also tried to put the guilt on me when I wasn't even there. Following that incident, I just couldn't make any more celebrity friends. I didn't want to get involved with her in any ways, and I felt like I would if I had made new friends in this industry.", she added. 
Go Eun-ahAfter listening to Go Eun-ah's story, the hosts commented in anger, "How could she do that to you? You must've felt so angry! She's a thief! Is she still around in the industry?" 

Go Eun-ah answered, "Yeah. Thankfully, I've never bumped into her after that incident. But she's still actively working in this industry. She has a very lovely public image." 
Attack on Grandma(Credit= 'koeuna88' Instagram, Channel S Attack on Grandma) 

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