"I Had No Idea!" BTOB Yook Sungjae Speaks About His Most Embarrassing Moment

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 23, 2022

"I Had No Idea!" BTOB Yook Sungjae Speaks About His Most Embarrassing Moment
Yook Sungjae of K-pop boy group BTOB revealed his most embarrassing moment on the recent radio show. 

On February 22 episode of KBS Cool FM's radio show 'Music Plaza', the members of BTOB made a guest appearance. 

During the show, they played a guessing game together; as for the last round, they had to guess the most embarrassing moment of Yook Sungjae. 

Yook Sungjae gave them a hint, "It happened at a department store, and I wasn't there for a public event." 

The members of BTOB's guesses included, "You thought you were asked for an autograph when they simply wanted your signature for your card?", "You found out your credit card was maxed out when you were trying to pay?" and more. 
BTOBBTOBSince they were all wrong, Yook Sungjae told them what happened at a department store on that day. 

Yook Sungjae said, "I went to this one clothing store, and tried on a hoodie, which was really cute. Then, I told the staff, 'I'll just go home wearing this.', and walked out of the store a little while later." 

The BTOB member continued, "When I had walked about 30 meters, the staff ran to me and said, 'I'm so sorry, but you didn't pay for the hoodie yet.' I felt so embarrassed that I couldn't get my head up." 

He laughed and went on, "The staff was also like, 'I'm a fan, and I would love to just let you go like this, but I do work here, and I've got to do my job properly, so...' After that day, I couldn't go back there to shop." 

He added, "For some reason, I thought I had paid already. But the staff dealt it well. He/she was really nice. Thank you again." 
BTOB(Credit= 'kbsgayo' 'yook_can_do_it' Instagram, KBS Cool FM Music Plaza) 

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