RAIN Chooses Between Kim Tae-hee & Lee Hyo-ri If He Could Be One of Them

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 23, 2022

RAIN Chooses Between Kim Tae-hee & Lee Hyo-ri If He Could Be One of Them
Singer RAIN chose between his wife actress Kim Tae-hee and singer Lee Hyo-ri if he could be one of them for a while. 

Recently, RAIN sat down for an interview with the press to talk about his recently-ended drama 'Ghost Doctor'. 

As his character 'Cha Young-min' in 'Ghost Doctor' is able to 'borrow' a body of another character 'Ko Seung-tak', he was asked what sort of things he would like to do if he could 'borrow' someone's body. 

RAIN said, "Since I'm a guy, I would like to live a completely different life as a woman. I want to just go to school, college and work as a woman. I want to feel the happiness that she feels, including small ones." 
RAINThen, one reporter asked whether he would want to become Kim Tae-hee or Lee Hyo-ri if he could choose one out of them. 

RAIN laughed and answered, "I would choose Lee Hyo-ri with confidence." 

He continued, "But no, I mean, they're both such amazing women. They've both lived a dramatic life. One is a top actress and one is a top singer. I would like to become both of them if I could." 
RAINAfter that, RAIN shared Kim Tae-hee's response to his acting in 'Ghost Doctor'. 

RAIN stated, "I have great respect for Tae-hee, so I listen to every word that she says. She gave me a lot of support and advice for this drama." 

He resumed, "Whenever she gives me advice, I listen carefully and also tried to put it into practice. We don't talk about work much at home, but when definitely monitor each other's projects." 
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