GOT7 JACKSON's Agency Responds to Dating Rumors with (G)I-DLE YUQI

Feb 24, 2022

GOT7 JACKSON's Agency Responds to Dating Rumors with (G)I-DLE YUQI
K-pop boy group GOT7's member JACKSON's agency in China warned that they will take strong legal actions against the ones who invade his privacy.

Recently, rumors of JACKSON and YUQI of K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE dating became a hot topic on Chinese social media.

Paparazzi also captured moments of YUQI visiting JACKSON's house, located near Beijing, China.

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JACKSON, YUQIJACKSONThen on February 23, JACKSON's Chinese agency released an official statement stating that the agency will take strong legal measures if they continue to invade his privacy.

JACKSON's agency stated, "Recently, one independent media took advantage of the influence of our artist Jackson Wang and consecutively posted videos that were cut and pasted together to deliberately distort facts."
JACKSONThe agency then clarified that Jackson occasionally host friendly gatherings at his house.

They explained, "It is common to have gatherings with friends at Jackson Wang's home, and it is nothing out of the ordinary. The actions of this independent media have violated the privacy of Jackson and has also severely violated his reputation."
JACKSONThey added, "In response, our agency has filed an official police report. We aim to preserve Jackson Wang's lawful rights, and to promote the construction of a clean online space. We believe that the law is strict and fair, and will not allow future violation."

The agency ended their official statement by thanking fans for their continuous support and attention.

(Credit= 'JacksonWGlobal' 'teamwangofcl' Twitter, Online Community, Weibo)

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