BTOB Lee Minhyuk & His Older Brother Look Exactly the Same?

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 24, 2022

BTOB Lee Minhyuk & His Older Brother Look Exactly the Same?
It turned out Lee Minhyuk of K-pop boy group BTOB has an older brother who looks exactly like him. 

On February 23, Lee Minhyuk shared some new photos on his Instagram with the caption, "Leebro". 

The photos were of Lee Minhyuk and his older brother, who is four years older than he is. 

They were professionally-taken photos in black and white. 
Lee MinhyukLee MinhyukSurprisingly, they almost looked identical; they had the same facial features, smile, height and even the same body frame. 

They both also had youthful looks, who did not look like they were in their early, and mid-30s at all. 

Lee Minhyuk is 33 years old (Korean age), and his older brother is 37 years old (Korean age), but they looked like they were still in their 20s. 

As they are not twins, it was surprising that they looked this similar. 
Lee MinhyukAfter seeing these photos, fans left comments such as, "Okay, I'm confused. Which one is Lee Minhyuk?", "No way! Are you sure they're not identical twins?", "Wow, I might not be able to tell which one is which if they walked past me together!" and so on. 

(Credit= 'hutazone' Instagram) 

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