VIDEO: BLACKPINK JENNIE Explains How She Got a Big Bruise on Her Arm

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 24, 2022

VIDEO: BLACKPINK JENNIE Explains How She Got a Big Bruise on Her Arm
JENNIE of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK explained how she bruised her arm. 

On February 23, JENNIE updated her YouTube with a video titled, 'L.A. Vlog'. 

In this video, JENNIE showed how she spent three days in Los Angeles, the United States last year. 
JENNIEWhile having some cereal and toast for breakfast, JENNIE looked at herself through the camera monitor, and pointed at a big and dark bruise on her arm. 

JENNIE said, "Oh, I need to explain this.", then laughed as if she remembered how she got the bruise. 

She explained, "I came to L.A. on the Halloween week. My friends and I went to a bunch of haunted houses. It honestly was a nightmare!" 

She continued, "I got this bruise from running around haunted houses in the process of being too scared. I got pushed into the walls. I ran for my life there." 
JENNIEBut then, JENNIE reassured fans that the bruise does not hurt, although it appears to be. 

JENNIE stated, "It's been there for like two weeks now, but it's not going away. It's getting darker, so a lot of people worry about me when they see it."  

With a laugh, she resumed, "It doesn't hurt at all though." 

After that, JENNIE finished eating her cereal and toast, and headed out with her friend to enjoy L.A. the fullest. 

(Credit= 'Jennierubyjane Official' YouTube) 

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