Lee Seung Gi Shares He Was Surprised About Unexpectedly-talkative Personality of Han Ga In

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 25, 2022

Lee Seung Gi Shares He Was Surprised About Unexpectedly-talkative Personality of Han Ga In
Singer Lee Seung Gi shared that he was surprised to see an unexpectedly-talkative side of actress Han Ga In. 

On February 24 episode of SBS' television show 'Circle House', Lee Seung Gi revealed what he thought of Han Ga In when they first met. 

'Circle House' is a new show that is hosted by Lee Seung Gi, Han Ga In, psychiatrist Dr. Oh Eun-young, dancer Lee Jung and entertainer Ro Hong Chul. 
Circle HouseLee Seung Gi said that he was very excited about meeting Han Ga In before they began filming. 

The singer stated, "When I heard that Han Ga In was going to join this show, I was like, 'Han Ga In? Wow. I wonder what she'll be like. I'm so curious!' I was really excited. But I think we all got Han Ga In wrong. You guys agree, right? " 

He continued, "Han Ga In was so different to how I expected her to be. She is super talkative! She's the most talkative person when we eat together! It's crazy!" 

He resumed, "I also once asked her if there was anything she wants from the production team of 'Circle House', and her response was, 'I simply want our shootings to be long. That's all I want. As long as we shoot for long, it's all good for me.'" 

After listening to this, Han Ga In burst out laughing, and said, "Ah, it's just that I don't want to go home. I've got two children at home, you know!" 

She laughingly went on, "For the shooting of this show, you can ask me to come in very early in the morning and finish late at night." 
Circle HouseCircle HousePreviously during a recent interview with the press, Lee Seung Gi mentioned Han Ga In's personality. 

Lee Seung Gi said, "She's very different to how we all probably imagined her to be. She's not actress Han Ga In in 'Circle House', she is Kim Hyun-joo (Han Ga In's real name)." 

He went on, "She's a very charming person. Anyone will fall for her honest and cheerful personality. She surprises me by showing a different side of herself every time we shoot together." 

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