Lee You Mi Shares What Motivated Her When She Worked as a Food Delivery Part-timer

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 28, 2022

Lee You Mi Shares What Motivated Her When She Worked as a Food Delivery Part-timer
Actress Lee You Mi revealed how she got motivated when she used to work as a food delivery part-time worker. 

On February 25 episode of KBS' television show 'You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook', Lee You Mi made a guest appearance. 
Lee You MiDuring the talk, Lee You Mi said, "Before 'Squid Game' was premiered, I worked as a food delivery part-timer in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu area." 

The actress continued, "Around that area, I could deliver food on foot. The delivery fee was high in that area. I could even make 12,000 won (approximately 10 dollars) for one delivery when I got paid a premium." 

She went on, "Sometimes, I would rest at home, because I felt too tired to do the deliveries. But a lot of restaurant owners message me saying things like, 'It's the busiest hour right now. Are you really going to just rest at home?'" 

She laughingly added, "I still have the application installed on my phone. I can't delete it for some reason." 
Lee You MiThen, the host You Hee-yeol asked her whether she has a good sense of direction. 

Lee You Mi answered, "No, I have a terrible sense of direction, actually. But the interesting thing is, I could find places well, since money was at stake." 

She resumed, "I thought I was topographical disoriented, but it turned out I wasn't at all.", then laughed. 
Lee You MiLee You Mi took minor roles in a great number of movies and series before she got her name out there with last year's world-famous series 'Squid Game' by Netflix.

Currently, her new project another Netflix's series 'All of Us Are Dead' is gaining a lot of attention from Netflix users across the globe. 

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