Lee Jung Jae·Jung Hoyeon React to a Question, "What Are You Going to Miss About Being Anonymous?"

By  Lee Narin  | Feb 28, 2022

Lee Jung Jae·Jung Hoyeon React to a Question, "What Are You Going to Miss About Being Anonymous?"
'Squid Game' actor Lee Jung Jae and actress Jung Hoyeon gave their honest response to a thoughtless question asked by an American reporter. 

On February 27, an annual awards ceremony 'Screen Actors Guild Awards' (SAG Awards) took place at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California, the United States.

At the awards ceremony, Lee Jung Jae was announced as the winner in the category of 'Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in Drama Series', and Jung Hoyeon in the category of 'Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series'. 

These two are the top drama series acting prizes, and it marked the first time for Korean actor and actress to take the SAG trophy home for their lead roles in a drama series. 

Also, 'Squid Game' was awarded 'Outstanding Action Performance as a Stunt Ensemble', which is the first time for a non-English language television show to win a SAG award. 
Lee Jung Jae and Jung HoyeonFollowing the ceremony, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Hoyeon answered questions that were asked by non-Korean reporters. 

During the Q&A, one reporter from an American entertainment news program excitedly said to the two stars, "Congratulations, I absolutely loved 'Squid Game'. I'm so excited!" 

Then, she asked, "Now that you're SAG winners, what are you going to miss most about being anonymous?" 

As they listened to their interpreter interpret her words, Lee Jung Jae showed an awkward smile on his face and Jung Hoyeon was seen frowning a little.

As soon as the interpreter finished her interpretation, Jung Hoyeon answered with a big and confident smile, "Nothing!", while Lee Jung Jae laughed. 

The reporter responded with short silence at first, then commented, "You deserved it. Congratulations." 
Lee Jung Jae and Jung HoyeonBoth Lee Jung Jae and Jung Hoyeon were already big in Korea before 'Squid Game'; Lee Jung Jae had been a top actor for years, and Jung Hoyeon worked as a model for about 10 years who walked on multiple runways for popular luxury brands. 

The reporter's assumptions that they were anonymous before 'Squid Game' may have been somewhat American-centered and disrespectful. 

But a great number of people are saying that they handled the question well, without expressing their annoyance and making the reporter feel uncomfortable. 

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