IVE WONYOUNG Shows Up on a Fan Messenger Application Almost Every Day This Year

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 2, 2022

IVE WONYOUNG Shows Up on a Fan Messenger Application Almost Every Day This Year
WONYOUNG of K-pop girl group IVE was seen speaking to fans through a fan messenger application almost every day this year. 

On March 1, one fan of WONYOUNG shared an impressive fact about the K-pop star on a popular online community. 

This fan made charts that showed WONYOUNG's attendance on a paid fan messenger mobile application in January and February. 

Surprisingly, she talked to fans through this application almost every day in the last two months, except for one day in January, and two days in February. 
WONYOUNGThese days, there are many online official fan communities and social media accounts that K-pop stars use to communicate with fans. 

As there are a lot of them, it is not easy for K-pop stars to keep up with all these platforms to give an update and talk to fans as often as they may wish to or not. 

Sometimes, fans get disappointed and even annoyed that their stars do not make frequent log ins, especially because the majority of these platforms require paid subscription. 
WONYOUNGBut WONYOUNG has been so diligent with her updates and conversations with fans online that many fans are feeling so happy about it. 

Regarding this fact, her fans stated in the comment section, "We need to give her more credit for her great love for fans!", "Yeah, she usually comes around 10AM to 2PM, and tells us little to big things that she did that day. She's adorable.", "Awww! I honestly thank her for always trying the best for us! Thank you, WONYOUNG." and so on. 
WONYOUNG(Credit= Online Community, 'for_everyoung10' Instagram) 

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