Park Hyung Sik Says BTS V Has Not Changed Since They First Met Despite His Fame

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 3, 2022

Park Hyung Sik Says BTS V Has Not Changed Since They First Met Despite His Fame
Actor Park Hyung Sik shared that V of K-pop boy group BTS is still the same guy he met years ago. 

On March 2, one Japanese fashion magazine released their interview with Park Hyung Sik online. 

During this interview, Park Hyung Sik was asked about his friendship with V, "How do you feel about seeing your friend being so loved around the world?" 

To this, Park Hyung Sik answered, "It's still very hard-to-believe that there are such a great number of people who love him so much." 

He continued, "Not only BTS has received awards at prestigious awards ceremonies in the States, but they also got all non-Koreans to sing along to their songs which were in Korean. It was amazing to witness that." 
Park Hyung Sik and VEven though V is a global star to many, Park Hyung Sik shared that V is a cute younger brother-like friend to him. 

Park Hyung Sik said, "But to me, V is still my cute younger brother. When we meet up, we would joke around and have lots of fun together." 

He resumed, "He hasn't changed a single bit since the very first time I met him. He's professional in terms of his work, but he is just a normal boy like everybody else." 
Park Hyung Sik and VPark Hyung Sik and V have been good friends for a long time since around 2017. 

They are also friends with singer Peakboy, actors Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Jun, who are all part of 'Wooga Family'―the name of their group of friends. 
Park Hyung Sik and V(Credit= 'phs1116' 'bn_sj2013' Instagram, 'BTS_twt' Twitter) 

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