"I Didn't Think I Would Join Wonder Girls" Hyelim Actually Trained to Make Debut as miss A?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 3, 2022

"I Didn't Think I Would Join Wonder Girls" Hyelim Actually Trained to Make Debut as miss A?
Hyelim of disbanded K-pop girl group Wonder Girls revealed that she actually trained to make debut as another disbanded K-pop girl group miss A. 

On March 2 episode of KBS' television show 'Godfather', Hyelim and the leader of disbanded K-pop girl group Wonder Girls Seonye made a guest appearance. 
HyelimWhile talking together, Hyelim looked back at the past when she first joined Wonder Girls. 

Hyelim said, "I was actually training to make debut as a member of miss A. I had no idea that I would be joining Wonder Girls too. I wanted to do well, but I wasn't prepared at all." 

She continued with teary eyes, "When I had just made debut as Wonder Girls to replace SUNMI, I was really scared, because it all happened in the blink of the eye. None of that was planned as well." 
HyelimIn response to this, Seonye stated, "I was worried about you too. I thought to myself, 'She must feel so scared, being at a place where she's never been with girls, who she had never met before.'" 

She went on, "But you did so well. I was very proud of you. I realized that you were very strong inside, even though you looked quite fragile from the outside. You were great at adjusting to the new people and environment." 

As Hyelim listened to Seonye's warm words, tears rolled down of her cheeks, as if those moments were still vivid in her head; Seonye also teared up a little. 
HyelimThen, Hyelim said, "Since I was new to the group, I wanted to fit in with you and the rest of the group members. I relied on you a lot. You were like our mom. You are still like one." 

She resumed, "I loved what you made for me when you came over to my place. All your dishes were amazing! How do you cook so well? How is the beef in the soup so tender?" 

Seonye laughed and answered, "You just have to boil the soup for a long time!" 
HyelimHyelim joined the K-pop industry as SUNMI's replacement in Wonder Girls in January 2010, not long after SUNMI announced to take some time off from the group's promotions. 

Wonder Girls was actively promoting with the group's new track '2 Different Tears' in China, United States and Canada at that time. 

(Credit= KBS Godfather, JYP Entertainment) 

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