VIDEO: SOMI Accidentally Leaks BLACKPINK's New Song During Her Instagram Live?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 3, 2022

VIDEO: SOMI Accidentally Leaks BLACKPINK's New Song During Her Instagram Live?
K-pop artist SOMI accidentally leaked an unreleased song during her Instagram live, which is thought to be girl group BLACKPINK's new song. 

On March 2, SOMI went live on Instagram to spend some quality time with her followers. 

During the live broadcast, SOMI took her followers on a mini tour around her recording studio and surrounding areas at her agency THE BLACK LABEL, an associate company of YG Entertainment. 

While at her recording studio, SOMI kept hearing some sound outside, and decided to locate the source of it. 

This was because SOMI thought there was nobody else near her recording studio except for herself at that time. 
SOMISOMI walked over to another recording studio next to hers, saying that she believed the sound was coming from there. 

As she got closer to the recording studio, she nervously commented, "I'm going to open this door now, and I think I'm going to freak out if there is nobody in the room." 

When she opened the door to the studio though, there was a song loudly being played in the room. 

It had JENNIE of BLACKPINK's voice over it, and it was a completely new song that had not been released yet. 

SOMI realized this right away, and speedily closed the door, then she pulled an uh-oh face. 
SOMIAt that moment, however, her followers watching the live broadcast had listened to about three seconds of the song already. 

SOMI panicked a little, then notified a staff in the recording studio that she was on live. 

After that, she commented with a panicky voice, "Whoa, that was a close call!" 

It is speculated the leaked song was BLACKPINK's new song, and many around the world have become very excited after listening to part of it. 

(Credit= 'somsomi0309' Instagram, YG Entertainment) 

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