Red Velvet JOY Spotted on a Romantic Date with Crush?

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 4, 2022

Red Velvet JOY Spotted on a Romantic Date with Crush?
JOY of K-pop girl group Red Velvet's new Instagram update is a current talk of the town. 

On March 2, JOY updated her Instagram with some new photos. 

In the caption, she wrote, "One day in January." 

The photos showed JOY drinking a glass of red wine at a restaurant.

There were photos of JOY posing outside the restaurant as well. 
JOYJOY is seen wearing a unique deep pink t-shirt with baggy jeans. 

All these photos quickly received a great number of likes, because of how exceptional she looked, as well as how uniquely, but incredibly she dressed herself. 

There was also one more thing that caught the attention of everyone. 

The thing was that the reflection in her wine glass was a guy. 

It is hard to tell who the guy is just by looking at these photos, but it is presumed that the guy is Crush. 

Many are excited to see JOY and Crush on a romantic date, and find that they are still doing great together. 
JOYJOYBack in August last year, JOY and Crush made their relationship public after multiple reports about them in a relationship were made. 

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