'Running Man' Members Share Song Ji-hyo Had No Idea About Them Getting COVID-19 for Ages

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 8, 2022

'Running Man' Members Share Song Ji-hyo Had No Idea About Them Getting COVID-19 for Ages
The members of 'Running Man' shared that actress Song Ji-hyo had no idea about them contracting the coronavirus for hours. 

On March 6 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', the members mentioned the day when all of them tested positive for COVID-19. 

This was their first time gathering together since they all recovered from COVID-19. 
Running ManYu Jae Seok said, "Do you guys remember that day when we tested positive for COVID-19? It was a big day, wasn't it? We were in a state of emergency." 

The entertainer continued, "But you know, we couldn't reach Ji-hyo on that day. I kept calling her, but she didn't answer any of my calls. She called me back later on that day." 

He went on, "She had no idea about the news though. She was like, 'Oh, oppa. You called. Has something happened?' I was so surprised. I asked, 'Do you really not know what happened today?'" 

He laughed and added, "When I told her that the members of 'Running Man' tested positive for COVID-19, she was like, 'Oh, no! Really? They got COVID-19? Did Jong-kook get COVID-19 too?' She honestly didn't know. I couldn't believe it. It was big news that day." 
Running ManWhile Yu Jae Seok was telling this story to everyone, Song Ji-hyo laughed and covered her mouth in embarrassment. 

To Yu Jae Seok's story, Kim Jong-kook added, "Yeah, she didn't know about it at all. I'm always so shocked about how late she gets to know things." 

Then, the rest of 'Running Man' members playfully stated, "You know what? She called me on my last day of quarantine.", "She called me like five days after I was tested positive for the virus." and so on. 
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