BTS RM Goes Around 8 Different Convenience Stores to Buy the Pokemon Bread

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 10, 2022

BTS RM Goes Around 8 Different Convenience Stores to Buy the Pokemon Bread
RM of K-pop boy group BTS shared that he went around eight different convenience stores to buy the Pokémon Bread. 

Earlier this month, it was announced that the 'Pokémon bread with a Pokémon sticker' was going to be re-launched. 

The Pokémon bread is an iconic convenience store product from the '90s that was very popular among all young students in Korea. 
RMThe return of this snack to convenience stores had struck adults in 20s and 30s with huge nostalgia of the times when they used to put a lot of meaning into collecting the stickers from the bread. 

In the first week of the re-launch, over 1.5 million Pokémon bread across convenience stores throughout Korea. 

Many are raiding convenience stores everywhere to get their hands on these Pokémon Bread at the moment. 
RMOn March 9, it was revealed that RM joined the Pokémon bread craze. 

He updated his Instagram with photos at three different times. 

First, RM shared a photo of himself holding a Team Rocket Chocolate Roll with a writing, "Please sell more of these." and a crying emoji. 
RMAfter that, he uploaded a photo of two Team Rocket Chocolate Rolls and one Pikachu Cheesecake, and said, "I raided eight convenience stores." 

Lastly, he politely asked the manufacturer of the Pokémon bread to produce more of Team Rocket Chocolate Roll and Gastly Bread by 10 times. 

Lots of fans are finding this cute for how serious RM is about the Pokémon bread. 

(Credit= 'rkive' Instagram) 

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