Jang Ki Yong Shares that Song Hye Kyo Came to Visit Him in the Military

By  Lee Narin  | Mar 10, 2022

Jang Ki Yong Shares that Song Hye Kyo Came to Visit Him in the Military
Actor Jang Ki Yong revealed that actress Song Hye Kyo came to see him in the military. 

On March 10 episode of SBS POWER FM's radio show 'Cultwo Show', Jang Ki Yong, CHANYEOL of K-pop boy group EXO, and HYOJIN of another boy group ONF joined as guests. 

They made a special appearance to promote and speak about their military musical 'Blue Helmet: A Song of Meissa'. 
Cultwo ShowDuring the talk, one listener asked Jang Ki Yong, "You began your military service right after you wrapped up filming 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' with Song Hye Kyo. How did you feel about that?" 

Jang Ki Yong answered, "Ah yes, I was even filming the drama four days before I entered the military. I actually didn't get to watch all the episodes before I went to the military. I watched all of them after I came to my military base after the training." 

The actor continued, "At that time, we kind of rushed our shootings, because I had to go to the military. As we filmed everything so quickly, I felt like I couldn't remember filming some scenes that I was watching." 

He laughed and went on, "It also felt weird watching me on television. I was like, 'Is that really me?' It felt so awkward to watch myself there." 

He resumed, "I think it was a good memory though. I watched the drama with my fellow soldiers, and we had lots of fun talking about it."
Cultwo ShowThen, Jang Ki Yong was asked if Song Hye Kyo came to visit him in the military. 

Jang Ki Yong said, "Yeah, she did. She came to see me with the team of 'Now, We Are Breaking Up'. They gave me lots of energy that helped me to keep training hard in the military." 
Cultwo ShowJang Ki Yong enlisted in the military to fulfill his national mandatory duty last August; his duty is expected to end in February 2023. 

(Credit= SBS Now, We Are Breaking Up, SBS POWER FM Cultwo Show)  

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